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How to prepare for aiapget homoeopathy

From Soul to Syllabus: How to prepare for AIAPGET, UPSC & OPSC HMO like Homeopathic competitive exams.

Written by: Dr. Manisha Smitahasya

You all know that! 

Perhaps this is the funniest question that is often asked by freshers to their seniors that which book to read, which author is better, how to prepare for the AIAPGET, UPSC or state PSCs etc. and the list of questions is just like an end-less long tail which will probably not be ended until you finally “Cracked” it!

Table of content
From Soul to Syllabus: How to prepare for AIAPGET, UPSC & OPSC HMO like Homeopathic competitive exams.
1. AIAPGET Preparation Tips: A disciplined approach can win you the race       
1.a. Overcome that initial impulse
1.b. Make a proper revision module
1.c. Join a result oriented preparatory camp
1.d. Take short-term online classes  
1.e. Practice with online test series (Mock Tests)
1.f. Take a break and wind yourself up

Ehh… You got it right! But cracking a homeopathic entrance test is not a mean feat! But I can say, “It’s not a herculean task either”. Even average students can crack it if they follow a disciplined approach.

Then the million dollar question is: What is that “Disciplined approach” and how it will help you realise your ultimate dream?

Well, assuming that you are already completed BHMS, then it’s natural that you are preparing for the AIAPGET, UPSC or OPSC HMO-like state PSC entrances (except certain special cases).

And yes, it’s for you if you want to know the tips and tricks on:

How to prepare for AIAPGET, UPSC & OPSC HMO like Homeopathic competitive exams.

This article covers all the basic tips or say ‘general preparatory roadmap’ to achieve that most desired goal! Here is a few expert tips you should follow to be entrances-ready. The topic is revolved around “how to prepare for homoeopathic competitive exams – UPSC, AIAPGET or state PSCs. And the soul of this article is that this one is definitely more on the mental preparedness that will make you syllabus-ready only to help you achieve your goal, that is “How to prepare for AIAPGET, UPSC & OPSC HMO like Homeopathic competitive exams.”

AIAPGET Preparation Tips: A disciplined approach can win you the race       

A disciplined approach is nothing but doing things orderly and correctly in a time-bound framework that should produce the best results you are aiming for.

That includes:

  • Be Mindful about your syllabus
  • Overcome that initial impulse
  • Make a proper revision module
  • Join a result oriented preparatory camp
  • Take short-term online classes  
  • Revise by watching Recorded video classes
  • Practice with online test series (& Mock Tests)
  • Take a break and wind yourself up

Be Mindful about your syllabus

Know your syllabus first as this is the first brick on which your aim of preparing for AIAPGET like homoeopathic competitive exams will stand. So, be mindful about your syllabus at the very beginning of your journey.

How to overcome that initial impulse

You need to maintain that very same initial curiosity that which book/author is the best etc. but sans confusion as you will gradually get to know everything once you start catching up with the pace of your regular semester. Hold the determination (tightly) of not slowing down until you reach your destination.

Make a proper revision module

Revision is the best aspect of the whole Preparation module for any type of competitive exams. And it is more about synchronization of mental eagerness, offline preparatory classes, online classes and online test series (Mock tests).

For a perfect subject-wise revision guide, read “Scene behind the success“, a beautiful article written by a fellow homoeopath DR. Bidya Bhusan Barik (BHMS), who has already cracked it successfully.

Join a result oriented offline preparatory camp

It’s the time for action replay! What you have already learned in BHMS needs to be revisited.  What you did not understand then needs to be double sure now, what you have forgotten needs to be brain-feed one last time, even what you have dreamt for then but could not achieved needs to be given another try…

 It’s the time to plug in those gaps only to cross that final barrier called AIAPGET, UPSC or state PSCs with flying colours by learning from and interacting with the finest talents of this country! Go for a perfect result-oriented offline classes or say homoeopathy preparatory camp to make your dream come true!

Take short-term online classes 

Ohh! Sometimes everyone hits by some or few hurdles … Be it a geopolitical barrier or a social complication or a pandemic called Coronavirus outbreak. Then, should we stop?

No, not at all. After all you are born to win. Isn’t it? Every obstacle has its own merit! Evaluate the situation and go for a short-term online classes. But remember to make sure that the online homeopathic classes you join caters the best-possible learning experience that you are in the pursuit of!

Revise by watching Recorded video classes

No doubt, Recorded video classes are increasingly becoming one of the most important factors of your entrance preparations as sometimes (may be most of the times) you may miss your regular online classes due to the indifferent timings of live streaming. In that scenario, you definitely need the recording videos of those missed classes. If that’s not the only reason you should subscribe to the best available “Online recorded video classes”, then those subject-wise recorded videos will definitely help you when you revise the whole syllabus.

Practice with online test series (Mock Tests)

homoeopathy online test series challenge

Practice, Practice and more Practice! This is the final “Mantra” to help you crack a competitive exam! Don’t know how to choose the best online test series (Mock tests)? …

Use your IQ, ask fellow aspirants who already have checked various online test series (for students) or go for the one that seems to be promising on the back of the current year probable question and answer sets compiled by the experts in the field of homoeopathy by keeping AIAPGET and other homeopathic entrances in mind.   

Take a break and wind yourself up

Heck, what is this? ….Ya, trust me, this one is a real healer!

As long as you are feeling happy and exhausted there is a very realistic chance of you living your dream sooner or later!

So take a small break every day, just close your eyes, detach yourself from the outer world, and realize that you are missing the most wonderful person in the world…And who is that special one???

Hey, that is none other than “YOU Yourself” dear! Oh God! How crazy I am? Nah, never… Just listen to your most favorite songs for a while by keeping your own self by your side, try to connect with your inner self and I promise, you will discover a new “You”, the happiest person in the world! 

And, it is evident that those who are happy from within are better placed to take on any challenge successfully be it their social life or professional ambition.  

Someone very close to me had once advised me a very meaningful piece of words during my formation years which is still ringing in my ears and from that day I have kept those words very close to my heart as a “Golden rule of my life” so far…

She said, “Whatever you do, whatever you want to do or whatever you wish may not produce the exact result you have desired.” So before you start dreaming, it’s always wise to ask yourself a couple of somewhat very “silly questions” (err…Initially I thought so!).

And those so called “Silly questions” which I ask myself every time whenever I am depressed, dejected, short of confidence and then when I’m clueless about a sudden circumstantial disturbance, then when everything doesn’t fall in place as it should have, then when I feel I can’t overcome this obstacle, then when I start doubting my own capabilities which took years to build only on the back of that very same “Golden rule of my life” are:

Why did you take born? What is your aim and how will you accomplish it despite all the obstacles? What you are doing and what you will do for this society? How to make this life special???

Last words

To me, these are not mere questions, in fact these are the ingredients of the making of an indomitable mentality that derives inspiration from within only to beat all the odds to accomplish that elusive goal of the life! Be it AIAPGET, UPSC, state PSCs or anything else…

And then? It’s all about living your dream, serving for the mankind and contributing your bit to make this world beautiful!

Do you think I missed something! I would love to hear from you. You can share your views in the comments box.

Disclaimer: This article is a personal view/observation of the author herself (incl. few inputs from a couple of AIAPGET toppers) and the views may differ from person to person/in different circumstances.

About the Author

Dr. Manisha, Author of various Homeopathic topics

Dr. Manisha Smitahasya, a convener at HCE, is a fellow homoeopath who has been involved in a series of activities such as serving patients (COVID-19 duty), arranging for free homoeopathy health camps in remote areas of Odisha, inspiring freshers to achieve their goals with her well-researched articles (and few more to name) besides performing all her domestic responsibilities with smile. This multi tasker young lady can be reached at: info@homoeopathycoaching.com

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    Thankyou for boosting up the morals that all the aspirants seek .
    I believe what you said about the hurdles is true , we do face and we feel let’s take a break but taking a break becomes too long and we stay in that pause.

    Keep bringing such motivational thoughts to us in between, which will be more helpful and keep us on the right track .

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  3. Dr Bidya Bhushan Barik

    Excellence at its finest form! Lucid language with a iron framing of goals, vivid narration of the so called journey and it’s full of positive vibes and inspiration , long awaited paper, thank you so much for the inspirations .I can remarked this as a common man journey to an incredible experience.

    1. Homoeopathy Coaching

      🙏 Thanks for your kind words. Aspirants, on their journey to reach their destination, will surely be inspired not only by Dr. Manisha but also the way Dr. Bidya bhushan had to narrate the all important “Success Mantra” on the same platform. This institute salutes you for helping numerous Aspirants in their preparations for various homoeopathy entrances.

  4. Very inspiring writing… Thank you so much Dr. Manisha…
    It will definitely encourage the warriors of competitive arena. 🌋
    All the best..

  5. Ur words are constant source of inspiration n motivation for all the aspiring candidates. Keep up the good work. Hardworking people like you is taking the homoeopathic system to another level. Best wishes to you. 👍

  6. Such a wonderful n refreshing article….. especially for freshers not only in homeopathy but also in all fields….. Thank you for the guidance 🙏

    1. Homoeopathy Coaching

      Thanks for your encouraging words Mam. True to your words, this module of preparations applies to every stream and segment as the common aim is to achieve that “elusive goal” irrespective of any field!


    Great work indeed.Sky is the limit.May you prosper with flying colours.Your work will definitely be appreciated by all.God bless#Dr.MSM.

  8. Markandaiya Acharya

    There are so many things that one can achieve by sheer determination.. nicely pointed out by Dr Manisha.. All the best guys… keep studying and keep changing the world…

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